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Collection of MIDI Clips (more than 80 Clips), for your listening pleasure:
Genres: [Pop/Rock/HeavyMetal] [Jazz] [Classical/Orchestral] [Country] [Reggae] [Music For Kids]
Pop / Rock / HeavyMetal
Singer/Band Index: [ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Others ]
Ace Of Base All That She Wants (25.7 Kb)
A-Ha Living Daylights (51 Kb)  [From the 'Bond' Movie 'The Living Daylights'] ,
Take On Me (24.8 Kb) {Click to see Lyrics}
Animotion Obsession (46.5 Kb) {Click to see Lyrics}
Bangles' Manic Monday (17.3 Kb), Walk Like An Egyptian (59 Kb) {Click to see Lyrics}
Beatles' A Little Help From My Friends (17.7 Kb), Here Comes The Sun (24.7 Kb), Yesterday (27.3 Kb)
BeeGees' Staying Alive (34.6 Kb)  [From the Movie 'Staying Alive']
Berlin Take My Breath Away (39.4 Kb)  [From the Movie 'Top Gun']
Bette Midler Wind Beneath My Wings (12.5 Kb)
Billy Ocean Billy Ocean (17.4 Kb)
Bobby McFerrin Don't Worry Be Happy (19.6 Kb) {Click to see Lyrics}
Bon Jovi Always (48.1 Kb), Blaze Of Glory (60.7 Kb), Living On A Prayer (50.2 Kb), You Give Love A Bad Name (42 Kb)
Bryan Adams Everything I Do, I Do It For You (29 Kb)  [From the Movie 'Robinhood'] ,
Run To You (14.2 Kb)
Carole Bayer Sager Nobody Does It Better (16.6 Kb) [with, Marvin Hamlisch]  [From the 'Bond' Movie 'The Spy Who Loved Me']
Celine Dion My Heart Will Go On (19.3 Kb), My Heart Will Go On #2 (13.8 Kb)  [From the Movie 'Titanic']
Chris DeBurgh Lady In Red (40.2 Kb)
Culture Club Karma Chameleon (58.8 Kb) {Click to see Lyrics}
Cutting Crew I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight (39.7 Kb)
Dead Or Alive You Spin Me Round (95.9 Kb)
Dire Straits Money For Nothing (78.6 Kb) {Click to see Lyrics}
Duran Duran A View To A Kill (36.3 Kb) {Click to see Lyrics}  [From the 'Bond' Movie 'A View To A Kill'] ,The Reflex (77.7 Kb) {Click to see Lyrics}
Eagles' Hotel California (45 Kb)
Elton John Candle In The Wind (19.4 Kb)  [From the Movie 'Dirty Dancing'] ,
That's What Friends Are For (19.7 Kb) [Duet with, Dionne Warwick]
E. Morricone The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (49.1 Kb)  [From the Movie 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly']
Europe Final Countdown (36.8 Kb)
Frank Sinatra New York, New York (28.1 Kb)
Guns 'N' Roses November Rain (45.5 Kb)
Harrold Faltermeyer Axel-F (28.1 Kb)
Heart Alone (23.6 Kb) {Click to see Lyrics}
H. Mancini Pink Panther Theme (13 Kb)  [From the Movie 'Pink Panther']
James Brown Sex Machine (36.4 Kb)
K.L.F. What Time Is Love? (58.9 Kb)
Led Zepplin Stairway To Heaven (50.4 Kb)
Madonna Express Yourself (96.1 Kb), Like A Virgin (47 Kb) {Click to see Lyrics}
Metallica Enter Sand Man (21.6 Kb), For Whom The Bells Shall Ring (29.9 Kb), The Unforgiven (40.4 Kb)
Michael Jackson Billie Jean (16.5 Kb), Black Or White (40 Kb)
Mozart Marriage Of Figaro (45 Kb)
M. Snow X-Files Theme (13.5 Kb)  [From the TV Show 'The X-Files']
N. Rota God Father Theme (12.4 Kb)  [From the Movie 'The God Father']
Peter Cetera Glory Of Love (65.5 Kb)
Pet Shop Boys Go West (57.5 Kb)
Phil Collins Another Day In Paradise (28 Kb), In The Air Tonight (39.8 Kb), Land Of Confusion (30.2 Kb) [with, Genesis] {Click to see Lyrics}, One More Night (21.7 Kb)
Queen A Kind Of Magic (51.3 Kb), Bijou (33 Kb), Bohemian Rapsody (49.2 Kb), Show Must Go On (44.3 Kb), We Are The Champions (19.9 Kb), We Will Rock You (9.97 Kb)
Ray Orbison Pretty Woman (30.2 Kb)  [From the Movie 'Pretty Woman']
Ray Parker Jr. Ghost Busters (26.5 Kb) {Click to see Lyrics}  [From the Movie 'Ghost Busters']
Seal Kiss Of A Rose (30.6 Kb) [From the Movie 'Batman']
Sheena Easton For Your Eyes Only (12.2 Kb)  [From the 'Bond' Movie 'For Your Eyes Only']
Stevie Wonder I Just Called To Say, I Love You (44.7 Kb)
Taylor Dayne Take It To Your Heart (31.9 Kb)
Tina Turner Golden Eye (30.9 Kb)  [From the 'Bond' Movie 'Golden Eye']
USA For Africa We Are The World (71.9 Kb)
Whitney Houston Greatest Love Of All (32.1 Kb), One Moment In Time (14.9 Kb)
Other Artistes Ain't Funny (32.2 Kb), America (3.55 Kb), Art Of Noise (20.3 Kb), Ballad (14.7 Kb), Batman (8.96 Kb), Battle (17.8 Kb), Be Nice (54.8 Kb), Beetle Juice Theme (25.1 Kb)  [From the Movie 'Beetle Juice'] , Big City (33.2 Kb), Blues #1 (10.6 Kb), Blues #2 (11.9 Kb), Btas (2.86 Kb), 'Bond' Theme (45.6 Kb)  ['Bond' Movie - Classic Theme] , Can't Stop Love (22.5 Kb), Crazy (35.8 Kb), Degeneration X Theme (10.2 Kb)  ['WWF' Theme] , Er (8.43 Kb), Eyes O (46.8 Kb), Faithfully (22.1 Kb), Feeling (19.8 Kb), Flood (48.1 Kb), Good (29.2 Kb), Independence Day Theme (11.6 Kb)  [From the Movie 'Independence Day'] , It's My Life (51.3 Kb), Loss Of Innocence (33.2 Kb), Love You More (22.7 Kb), Mission Impossible Theme (50.5 Kb)  [From the Movie 'Mission Impossible'] , Moon Light (54 Kb), Never Have (15.3 Kb), Power Of Love (16.4 Kb), Putting On The Ritz (30.1 Kb), Rag Doll (17.3 Kb), Right There Waiting For You (16.6 Kb), Right Now (40.4 Kb), Rockandaluz (12.3 Kb), Runaway (33 Kb), Samba (37.2 Kb), Soft Mood (5.06 Kb), Stars (13.7 Kb), Surfing USA (49 Kb), The Sign (46 Kb), Valentine (19.3 Kb), VAngels (65.5 Kb), Walk Of Life (65.8 Kb), War World (52.7 Kb), WingWk (19.7 Kb), Wonderful World (12.4 Kb)
Various Artistes Big Solo (17.5 Kb), Bridge (7.03 Kb), Fly To The Moon (18.6 Kb), Jazz (26.7 Kb), Jazz Vibe (38.7 Kb), Mood (25.1 Kb)
Classical / Orchestral
Various Artistes 1812 over (12.9 Kb), 2001 A.D. Theme (12.3 Kb)  [From the Movie '2001 A.D. - A Space Odyssey'] , Brahms (17.7 Kb), Chinese (11.5 Kb), Concerto (16.6 Kb), Fade 2 Black (17.8 Kb), Haydn (7.34 Kb), Indian Raaga #1 (23.8 Kb), Indian Raaga #2 (17 Kb), Maple Rag (18.7 Kb), Marriage Of Figaro (45 Kb), Mini Waltz (20.3 Kb), Minuet (3.62 Kb), Organ (11.7 Kb), Power Play (13.8 Kb), Prelude (12.5 Kb), Raiders Of The Lost Ark Theme (29.5 Kb)  [From the Movie 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark'] , Singing In The Rain (24.7 Kb)  [From the Movie 'Singing In The Rain'] , Solo Act (8.5 Kb), Tango (8.32 Kb), Trout (12.7 Kb)
Various Artistes Achy Breaky Heart (75.7 Kb), Country (16.1 Kb), Jambali (23.3 Kb), Million (44.4 Kb), Redriver (15.4 Kb),
Various Artistes Reggae #1 (11.8 Kb), Reggae #2 (23.1 Kb)
Music for Kids
Various Artistes Baby Elephant Walk (28.4 Kb), Chicken (14.5 Kb), Circus (14 Kb), Entertainer (22.5 Kb), Hello My Baby (9.14 Kb), Nut Cracker Theme (27.2 Kb), Pink Panther (13 Kb), Saints Go Marching (9.99 Kb)

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