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Fun Things/Games Menu

Here are a few 'Things', you can have fun with! Kids will love them and maybe even grown-ups will enjoy a few ,afterall there's a kid in each one of us, Isn't there?! So take it easy, and have fun!

(1.) Hear a Choir note !
(2.) Hear a two-member Alien Band (from Mars), play a nice little tune!
(3.) Hear a 'David Bowie' Audio Clip !
(4.) Take part in a 'David Bowie' Album Quiz !
(5.) Play an American Football game !
(6.) Play an Frogger game !
(7.) Fix George (the monkey)'s, Jig-Saw Puzzle and hear him play a record!
(8.) Throw a Pie at Bill Gates !

To see/play/hear the above cool Things, you will need to download and install the 'ThingViewer'!
It's FREE and will only take a few minutes, to download and install!
Click below to get it :

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