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My Views on various Issues:
[Religion, God & Atheism] [Definition of Good and Bad]
[Pakistan's negative Foreign policies (Kashmir issue) / India's brave Armed Forces]
[Information about ICQ and Spamming] [Princess Diana and MOTHER Teresa]
[A Layman's guide to "Cricket" - a popular field game] [USA's strong-arm Foreign Policies]

My Personal Views, on various issues!
Information about "ICQ" and Spamming :

What is ICQ? (For the benefit of people, who don't know about ICQ)

Launched in November 1996, by MIRABILIS, which is based in Tel Aviv, Israeli, ICQ is an instant communication and chat technology tool, which informs users when family, friends and business colleagues are On-line and enables them to exchange messages in real-time to help it's users build their own communities. ICQ also gives it's users the ability to exchange e-mail, exchange voice messages, play games and exchange files and URLs. And till date, is an FREE Service!

What is SPAMMING? And how it wastes a lot of precious resources?

This section is recommended to be read by all ICQ Users (specially the new users, and the young/teenaged users -- who are the most vulnerable, and are propagating Spamming, on ICQ - either on purpose or without knowing that they are really involved in this)! The following types of URL Handles / Messages, circulate frequently on ICQ {I'm mentioning them here, for the benefit of all other ICQ users} : 'You'll be disconnected if you don't forward this message', 'If we get 365000 messages across, they'll give us ICQ 2000 by E-mail', 'You will be billed for ICQ, if you don't forward this to everyone on your list in the next 24 hrs', 'ICQ will be billing $79 a yr. ,except for those who send this message', 'Send to all users on your list, or you will be deleted from the System. Sorry its madatory for all users', 'A virus will be planted in your cpu, if you don't forward this message', 'A little girl dying of cancer gets 10 Cents, everytime this is forwarded please forward this' ----- Kindly note, and I state this categorically, that these are all absolutely RUBBISH !! Sending / Forwarding such URL Handles / Messages, is called 'SPAMMING' !! There's no truth, in any such messages -- they are all being created and forwarded, by pranksters, who are violating the very norms and principles on which ICQ is based! A lot of precious ICQ Server space, is wasted because of such senseless, pranks!

MIRABILIS, which is based in Tel Aviv, Israel -- has done a wonderful job creating and nurturing ICQ, so please let us all be careful and let us NOT involve ourselves in such mindless SPAMMING! Let us all, help ICQ remain clean and more importantly, remain FREE (ICQ is a FREE service)! If people keep on abusing ICQ, by being involved in SPAMMING -- Gigabytes of precious Web Space and a lot of precious Bandwidth is wasted (imagine, there are millions of Registered ICQ Users, and if each one even sends a Single SPAM, once per week -- how much space will such messages, take up?! We are talking about a very large volume here!), which costs a lot of money! And if this keeps on happening everyday (as it is, right now!) , we all know what the consequences will be. And ever since (this took place, in the middle of 1998) MIRABILIS, was bought by AOL (America On-line), things will be taken in an altogether, different perspective! After all, AOL is an all-out commercial company! If it feels, that a lot of money is being wasted, it'll have second thoughts about letting ICQ, be a FREE service!! So People, be careful whilst using ICQ!! It's for our own benefit! Let's NOT let anyone, spoil it!

Whenever, you get a SPAM, just don't forward it blindly, to your other friends -- Ignore it -- Confirm with a few seasoned, experienced users - before believing any such messages!! One other important thing, which should be borne in mind, by all ICQ Users -- URL Handles, are meant only for sending proper (linkable) URL's ; and are NOT meant for Sending / Forwarding Plain Messages. I have noticed a lot of people, sending URL Handles -- which do NOT contain any URL's (links to Web Sites), but instead contain only Plain Messages (mostly, SPAM)! {The Message part of an URL Handle, is supposed to convey a description, of the URL / Web Site link -- and NOT just any, senseless message!!      Back to Contents

Princess Diana and MOTHER Teresa:

Both had their place in history, and had roles of their own to play; but surely, the qualities of both, were worlds apart! The qualities of MOTHER can be only be measured if you try to talk to the neglected, down-throdden people; children thrown away in garbage-bins, by their own blood - their own Mothers ; the terminally-ill, sick people and Leprosy patients -- who were shunned by their own families and Society, whose lives were altered when MOTHER embraced them with open arms, and took care of them. If you try to talk to these people, you will really realise the true worth of MOTHER, and the impact she had on countless people around the world!! The 'Missionaries of Charity', was formed much later, and it was only after MOTHER worked her heart out, for decades, that they received world-wide recognition -- the 'Noble Peace Award', gave a much needed boost to her cause -- and the funds started coming in from around the world!

MOTHER was a living Saint, in every sense of the world. Her devotion, dedication and compassion, I don't think will ever be matched by anyone on this planet! If I ever believed in God, then she would surely be the one who came nearest to being my God!

Princess Diana worked very hard for many good causes, largely towards the last few years of her life, the most memorable one being the Anti-Land Mines Campaign - she too had to endure many hardships to shrug off the ridicule and ill-treatment meted out to her by the British Royal Family (although, we will probably never really know who was to blame, herself or Prince Charles) .....She was a perfect manipulator of the Media ..... and it's a good thing that instead of using her Charms and Skills for her own benefit alone, she also used it for bringing the world's attention to many neglected, worthy causes. In a way even, MOTHER used her 'Noble Peace Award' as a leverage tool, to bring in much-needed funds for her cause!

I may be a Atheist, but here's a interesting message I would like to give to all you, Believers out there (a thing I heard MOTHER Teresa, often say) ----- "Praying to GOD, is very good. But the most important thing is to Pray together, as a Family ( could be your own Family or in a broader context, it could even be the whole World as one family)! Praying together, adds a whole new dimension to the term 'Prayer' !" So as you can see, MOTHER not only wanted to see People, getting close to God; but also wanted them to first, get close as a Family!      Back to Contents

Religion, God & Atheism:

I maybe an 'Atheist' , but not that extreme, that I would look down on other Believers, Faiths and Religions! On the contrary, I have a lot of respect for them. And I too realise the importance and significance, of Faith & Religion -- and how important it is for Believers! I probably, know much more about Religion, than some so-called Believers know. For me, Being good-hearted is Religion! Showing Love and Compassion is Religion! Caring for your elders, relatives and friends; your near ones, and even the ones you don't know -- strangers, less fortunate people, people who really need help -- is true Religion! Being tolerant is Religion! If you have fair amounts of these qualities in your heart, you don't need to really believe in God! And if you do believe in God, believe in it, whole-heartedly!! Hey...please don't think that as I'm advocating all these qualities, I necessarily have them. On the contrary, I have a million faults and not-so-good qualities in me. So the Spirits kindly, forgive me for each and every Sin, I have commited! (Hmm...'Sin', again, a term I'm not comfortable using). Believers say, that God is the final judge, and that he rewards all the good deeds one does, and punishes the sinners! Does that really happen? How many Hitler's were born on earth and are still being born? Are they ever punished? They got away, and are still getting away - with all the horrifying atrocities they commited and are still commiting, even today!      Back to Contents

Definition of Good and Bad:

If a person's Good deeds, outweigh his/her Bad deeds -- then that person is Good! And if, a person's Bad deeds, outweigh his/her Good deeds -- then that person is Bad! {In both cases, it doesn't matter even if it is just a thin margin...the important thing being the scales tipping over}! For example, if a person has done 60% Good (or in other words, has 60% Good qualities) and has done 40% Bad (or in other words, has 40% Bad qualities) -- in my books that person would be classified as Good! And if a person has done 55% Bad (or in other words, has 55% Bad qualities) and has done 45% Good (or in other words, has 45% Good qualities) -- in my books that person would be classified as Bad! Simple, isn't it! Well, not that simple -- there are other factors involved too, a lot of grey areas and shades inbetween; but in general my definition stands true!!
     Back to Contents

A layman's guide to "Cricket" - a popular field game:

A Cricket match, is played between 2 teams - comprising 11 players on each team (of course, a couple of players, act as reserves, in case anyone is injured - during the course of the match). The playing field area is very big, and is set within an circular Boundary. In the center of the field, there's an small rectangular strip, which is the key playing area. There are 2 sets of stumps (3 stumps, on each side; with 2 bails set on top of each set of stumps), set at an distance of 22 yards - facing each other on opposite sides of the rectangular strip. A Batsman, stands in front of the stumps, (he has to stand within the crease) with a wooden Bat. The Batsman's job is to hit/score Runs [the Batsman scores 6 Runs - when the ball is hit over (it shouldn't bounce inside the boundary, but should cross over aerially) the boundary, 4 Runs - when the ball crosses the boundary; and all other runs have to be scored, by running between the Wickets (the set of 3 stumps, is also called an Wicket. So there are 2 ends of the Wickets, one at the Batsman's side and other at the Bowler's side) - A Run is scored, when both the Batsmen, at opposite ends of the Wicket, reach the other end, by getting inside their respective crease. There's no restriction on the numbers of runs scored, by running between the Wickets -- they can even score 4 Runs, by this manner, assuming ofcourse, that the ball has not crossed the boundary]. A Bowler bowls an Cricket Ball (not a tennis ball, but a Season ball -- which is quite hard -- and can break a person's head, if struck there -- there have been instances, when a few players have sustained serious head injuries, and died --- however, there are Helmets for protection if needed); to the Batsman and the Bowler's job is to break the wickets. There's an Wicket-Keeper, who stands behind the wickets, to take catches. And there are 9 other fielders, besides the Bowler and the Wicket-Keeper, who take up various fielding positions. There are 2 Batsmen, who face Bowlers, at each end of the Wickets, in turns. A Bowler bowls an Over (an Over consists of 6 balls, which the Bowler bowls to the Batsman), and then the next Bowler bowls, and so on. When a Batsman, gets Out/dismissed, [either by being Bowled (when the Bowler manages to break the Wickets) or Caught (when the Batsman hits a shot, and the ball is Caught by an fielder) or Stumped (when the Batsman is out of his crease, and the Wicket-Keeper, breaks the Wicket) or Runout (when the Batsman tries to score/take a Run, and doesn't manage to get inside the crease) or adjudged Leg Before Wicket ((LBW - when the ball strikes a Batsman on his legs, without touching his Bat; and when he is directly in line with the stumps! (Worried about what happens to the Batsman, when the ball hits his legs? Well, don't worry the Batsmen wear protective gear - Leg Pads, Thigh Pads, etc. to protect their body.) )) --- a new Batsman comes in -- and so on, until 10 Batsmen get out]. After this, the other team comes to bat, and the team which was batting, has to field. The team scoring the most Runs, wins the game! There are 3 Umpires, who supervise the game -- 2 in the field (Each one supervises 1 Over each, in turns), and the 3rd Umpire sits in front of an television screen, and is called to give an decision (by way of seeing action replays) -- when there's a close call, which the 2 main Umpires (their decisions are final) on the field are unable to resolve! And there's an Match Referee, who overseas the conduct of the game, of the players and the Umpires -- he has to file an report, after the match is over! He has the authority, to fine/suspend a player/team, etc.

Cricket is almost Worshipped in the Indian Sub-Continent (India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have all won the World Cup once). In fact it is sometimes taken a bit too far, and almost borders on Fanaticism. Recently, Australia won the World Cup '99 , which was held in England. They defeated Pakistan very convincingly, in one of the most lop-sided finals, in World Cup history. In fact, it was so lop-sided that there was an public outcry, of match-fixing, in Pakistan. Such match-fixing allegations have brought a lot of disrespect to this game (once, known as an Gentleman's game).

There are 2 flavours of Cricket played, one is 'Test Cricket' -- which is a 5-Day game, in which each team has to play 2 Innings each (an Inning would be 1 round, of one team batting first, and then fielding); and the other one is 'One-Day International Cricket' -- which is a 1-Day, limited Overs game, in which each team plays 50 Overs each. Cricket is played in many countries around the world, but only a few countries, have 'Test' Status ((a team is said, to have obtained 'Test' Status, when it starts playing 'Test Cricket' -- after it has obtained clearance and approval from The 'ICC ' - The International Cricket Council - which is the governing body for Cricket, in the world. In order, to get 'Test' Status, a country needs to have all the necessary infra-structure for Cricket -- Stadiums, Tournaments played on a regular basis, in their country, etc. etc. ))! Cricket, is a very old game, which originated in England -- and as the English, ruled many countries or had trade links with them, Cricket spread to other countries (which were Colonies of the English, during their history). Cricket is played in England, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and West Indies (all Test-playing countries); Kenya, Bangladesh, Scotland, Holland, and many more! It has not been my endeavor to tell you, everything about Cricket here -- but I have tried to give you, an first-hand, basic idea of the game - from an Layman's point-of-view! Hope this small guide has solved this purpose and been helpful to you!      Back to Contents

Pakistan's negative Foreign policies (Kashmir Issue) / India's brave Defence Forces:

Pakistan is despised by many Indians, because of it's avowed Anti-Indian, Pro-Terrorism stand, and eternal, negative attitude! Yes, I too hate Pakistan's Foreign Policies, because of it's negative leanings (which have been encouraged and supported by the US Government, for fulfilling their own needs - they have supplied a lot of Millitary Hardware & Technology to Pakistan -- F-16's, Cruise Missiles, Technology for it's Nuclear Weapons programme and what not -- so that has earned the US, Millions of $$ !) and Pakistan's Islamic Fanaticism and Fundamentalism! Pakistan is directly involved in various, State-funded Terrorist activities [the latest one being, the messy affairs in Kargil, India and other areas of Kashmir, India -- whereby, they are trying to enable thousands of Mercenaries, mostly from Afghanistan (there is also enough evidence to prove that in some cases, even some regular Pakistani Army personnel are involved), to infiltrate into and capture Indian Territory!! But which has NOT met with any success, and I'm sure, will NEVER ever, be successful -- thanks to the brave Indian Defence forces!]. It's a good thing, India has shown a lot of self-restraint and tolerance towards Pakistan - and has been forgiving, which I'm sure no other Nation would be capable of showing! ((Mind you India's Defence capabilities, are definitely superior than Pakistan's - in every department - Army, Navy and AirForce - inspite of not getting any help whatsoever, from USA. In fact, it's a good thing that the US Administration showed India the back door, otherwise India would not have become so much capable and totally, self-reliant, as it is today!)) I salute, India's Defence Forces -- who guard India's borders, without worrying about their own lives; and who believe that, the Territorial Integrity of their Motherland is sacred! My heart, goes out to all the brave people, who have laid down their lives, whilst defending the Nation, and to their brave families, who make the ultimate sacrifice, to enable every Indian Citizen to feel secure, and hold their heads high! All Indians are really, Proud of You!
If only, the lousy, Corrupt Politicians of India, understood what it means to love their country -- instead of plundering the country and it's resources, for their own selfish needs and gains. There are only a handful of really decent politicians in India (in fact, there is only one person that comes to my mind, from the present lot - "Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee")! All the others, are busy with their Corrupt Politics -- NOT at all, worried about their Country and their people, but busy plundering India's treasury (always busy, trying to devise new cunning schemes, to get kick-backs, and indulge in under-the-table dealings, to make millions of Rupees.)!! So in that sense, Indian and Pakistani Politicians, share the same bond -- a bond of Corruption! I really despise all Corrupt Politicians!      Back to Contents

USA's strong-arm Foreign Policies:

The US President, is virtually trying to take the place of God, and trying to thrust his own judgement on the rest of the World! Ofcourse, the decision making is influenced by a lot of people, his advisors and politcal analysts, etc. not just the President alone; but being the head of the most powerful country in the world, he has to take full responsibilty for the role of his country and NATO {the NATO signatory countries are meekly towing the President's line, in the Kosovo crisis.} There are Countries that oppose the US policies, but are too weak to stand up to it! Only Russia, has had the guts to strongly oppose America and NATO's role in the Kosovo crisis. Hats off to Russia -- but how far they can go to stop America and NATO's misadventures, remains to be seen ?!

Okay, in certain cases power is needed -- but only if it is used, with a lot of care and caution! Quite a few Political commentrators, said that the Iraqi Bombings --- under the pretext of an controversial Report by an UN (Yes, you presumed right, he was an US inspector!) Weapons Inspector Chief's report -- was totally unwarranted and was probably, hastily conceived and authorised by Mr. Clinton; to possibly draw US Public attention away from the Monica Scandal, and to project himself, as an strong President! Yes, Mr. Clinton - you are strong - but not in your Foreign or National Affairs; but in your Sexual Affairs! Shameful, don't you think?! Yes, the Sadaam Hussein's and Slobodan Milosevic's of this world need to be taught a lesson - but not in a way that will endanger the lives of millions of people! Ask Mr. Clinton, if he has ever thought about the countless innocent people, who have lost their lives because of his hasty, immature policies??! Try to tell the people, who have lost their parents, children, relatives, friends...that whatever is happening, is happening for their own good! Just as the victims of the Nazi War crimes, mostly the Jews, still suffer the trauma and pain, of the things they had to go through years ago, even today; the people who suffer these crimes and atrocities, will feel the pain -- for the rest of their lives! And that too for no fault of theirs.

It's always the innocent people, who have to suffer the most! Is this justice?!! My heart goes out for all the people who are suffering and I'm afraid, many more people who will still have to suffer! May better sense prevail on earth, and let's hope such gruesome events come to an immediate halt! What are all the concerned stupid Presidents, Governments going to achieve in the end??! Nothing much, just exposing the lives of millions of people, to unnecessary, totally avoidable pain and misery!!

The roles of the United Nations and NATO - which seem to have lost their relevance, in the present Uni-Polar World (USA's free-hand control, in world affairs, is really a thing to be worried about!) need to be put under microscopic scrutiny and steps need to be taken to try to make them break-away from the tight, dangerous US shackles!! The US (and the other Nuclear state's) policies on Nuclear Disarmament and NPT ('Nuclear' Non-proliferation Treaty) are all heavily riddled with lop-sided, cunning motives and objectives. The CTBT (Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty) is another example of this -- which they want rest of the world, specially India to sign blindly! I strongly feel, India should not sign this treaty, at any cost -- without first having the relevant modifications being made to it, to safeguard the security of all NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) and Non-nuclear Nations, not just India alone.     Back to Contents

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