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Ajay's Family Pictures

Ajay's Closeup
Ajay's XL Closeup
'Jashvantsinh' - My Dad, based in Irving, TX.
'Janak' - My Younger Brother, based in Irving,TX. He's Single, 25.
'Sushila' - My Mum, based in Irving,TX.

The pictures will take a few seconds to download, as they have been incorported with some DHTML codes.
In case the pictures don't appear, your browser probably doesn't support DHTML codes.
Kindly click here to view my family pictures, without any DHTML codes.

Point your cursor over any picture, to see names.
Kindly click on any picture, to see an enlarged view.

Thanks to 'Dhananjay' - my Cousin, for providing me the background clip.
He's based in Pearl River, NY. His favourite bands are 'Metallica', 'Rolling Stones' and 'Eagles'.
If you can not hear the music click here

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