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Personal Dedications:
My Family: [Jashvantsinh/Sushila Atodaria (Parents)] [Janak Atodaria (Brother)] [Nehali Atodaria]
[Ishwarsinh Atodaria] [Bhartiben Mahida] [Jitendra Atodaria] [Dilipsinh Atodaria] [Shraddha Atodaria]
[Hamirsinh Rathod] [Chandramani Mahida] [Ajit Rathod] [Alain Rathod] [Gajendra Rathod] [Ine Rosland]
My Friends: [Darshan Patel] [Gaurav Dalal] [Hitesh Divyeshwar] [Jayesh Bardolia]
[Mufaddal Shajapurwala] [Shawn Nicholas] [Céline Poulin]
Others: [MOTHER Teresa] [Princess Diana] [U.S. Armed Forces and the Indian Armed Forces]

MIDI/Music Clips dedicated to my Family & Friends!
* The clip 'Stars' is specially dedicated to the fond memory of my cousin, Nehali Atodaria, who I'm sure is out there somewhere -- a ever-sparkling, luminous Star! Her cheerful, bubbly presence is really missed by the whole ATODARIA family!      Back to Contents

* The clips 'IndependenceDay' , 'WeAreTheChampions' and 'TheShowMustGoOn' are specially dedicated to the, U.S. Armed Forces and the Indian Armed Forces! I salute, the Armed Forces -- who guard the Nation's borders, without worrying about their own lives; and who believe that, the Territorial Integrity of their Nation is sacred! My heart, goes out to all the brave people, who have laid down their lives, whilst defending the Nation, and to their brave families, who make the ultimate sacrifice, to enable every Citizen to feel secure, and hold their heads high! GOD BLESS AMERICA! JAI JAWAN!! JAI HIND!!      Back to Contents

* The clip 'Candle in the Wind' is dedicated to the radiant memory of MOTHER Teresa, who dedicated her whole life to serve the less fortunate, and the poorest of the poor! Although, I didn't ever get to meet her personally, I was deeply touched (as were millions of other people, around the world) by her total dedication, to the service of the needy!      Back to Contents

* The clip 'Candle in the Wind' is dedicated to the memory of Princess Diana , who worked for many worthy causes, AIDS Charities and the Campaign against Land Mines, etc. {My cousin, Shraddha, would surely go after my neck, if I didn't add Diana's name here :-)! And more importantly, maybe Elton John would go after my neck too, 'cause he had dedicated this song, to Diana!}. Elton John , is also actively associated with several AIDS Charities! Elton, your work is really appreciated! Best of luck and Keep up the good work!      Back to Contents

* The clip 'SoftMood' is dedicated to my cousin, Shraddha Atodaria , whom I always have fights with, not physical ones, but mental/psychological ones. We never seem to agree on anything! However inspite of our heated fights, we both deeply love and care about each other! Shraddha, is based in Pearl River, NY and is a Physiotherapist! My warmest wishes, will always be with her, till the end of time!! The clip is also dedicated to my cousin, Urjita Atodaria , who is the tallest female member of the ATODARIA Family! She's a wonderful cousin, and a very caring person! I always tease her for her Tomboyish looks and attire! Her hair-styles: She always keeps coming out with new styles, every couple of months -- loves keeping very short hair (whereas, most Indian girls, normally love keeping very long hair). Her attire: You'll almost invariably find her in Jeans (whereas, most Indian girls, normally wear traditional Indian attire. But when she does wear traditional Indian attire -- she really looks good and probably, has all the boys drooling after her) and Army-like, heavy boots! She's a kind of person, who never complains -- no matter how harsh the circumstances! Keep up the bubbly spirits, and keep smiling, Sis!      Back to Contents

* The clip 'TheUnforgiven' is dedicated to my cousin, Dhananjay Atodaria, who is a 'Metallica' fan! His other favourite bands include, 'The Rolling Stones' and 'The Eagles'! Is an Internet Gaming addict, so much so that his Mum had to cancel his AOL account! He's based in Pearl River, NY! His Mum (one of my favourite Aunts), Rajendrakumari Atodaria, is a terrific Lady. She's a very easy-going, superbly understanding and really caring Woman! I salute her, for being the Perfect Woman! My Uncle, Dilipsinh Atodaria, should feel very lucky -- having such a wonderful Woman, as his Wife! My Uncle, is a very blunt guy [Offends a lot of people (specially, the one's who don't know him that well), due to his bluntness but since, I happen to know him well -- I can comprehend his heated comments (the last heated exchange we had, was regarding a marriage proposal for me! Things heated up to such an extent, that I had to ask him - Which side was he on? My side or the girl's?) -- And I know that deep down, he really cares for me.] !! Special thanks, to my Uncle and Aunt for being such wonderful guys!      Back to Contents

* The clip 'Faithfully' is dedicated to my GrandParents (my Mother's Parents), Hamirsinh Rathod ('Nana') and Dahiben Rathod ('Dahiba'), who are the most wonderful GrandParents in the Universe! They are based in London, UK. They have always been there for me, through thick and thin (not something, I can say for a lot of my other family members)! They have given me and still give me their infinite love -- I have never seen such caring and loving guys! They give Love, a whole new meaning! I have learned a lot from them - how to build relationships and more importantly; maintain, sustain and nourish them! My GrandFather taught me the significance of staying in touch and maintaining regular communication links, with family and friends. He is very particular about writing letters and always replies, to the ones he gets. I too, have tried to follow him, in this aspect! They have sent me (and I'm sure will always do so, till the End of Time) Birthday Cards, year after year, and with perfect timing! They haven't missed a Single year, of my life -- which I think, is a record! This means a lot to me! Hats off to these Noble Souls! It's a real privilege and honor, having them as GrandParents! I love these guys, more than anyone else, in the Universe, that's for sure!      Back to Contents

* The clip 'Good' is dedicated to my GrandParents (my Father's Parents) -- Ishwarsinh Atodaria ('Dada'), who's a great guy and my Late Grandmother Laxmiben Atodaria ('Ba'), who was a very noble lady! My GrandFather, who is over 90 years old, is still going great guns - and is still practising Medicine (He's an General Practitioner). His memory is as sharp as ever. Longevity seems to run in the family, he is the youngest of 4 brothers -- In fact, his eldest brother, Mohansinh Atodaria ('MotaDada'), who practised Law, has completed a Century, yes - 100 years -- the first member of the Atodaria family to do so. And he too, is still active. My GrandMother, was a firm believer of God (talk about going to a Temple, and her eyes lit up instantly. I sometimes chided her, for her Idol-Worshiping - which I'm totally against! But the Gods, would hear her prayers - and blessed the whole Atodaria family with a lot of happiness and prosperity!) and she was probably the most charitable person on Earth - she would always be giving out things to Sages (India, is a place where'll you'll find them in thousands -- some Holy, REAL ones, but majority of them fakes!). My GrandParents have helped a countless number of people, to prosper - those people's prayers probably, have helped bestow them with a long and prosperous life! Hats off, to these Noble Souls! It's a real privilege and honor, having them as GrandParents!      Back to Contents

* The clip 'Yesterday' is dedicated to my Parents, Jashvantsinh Atodaria and Sushila Atodaria, who are great guys - God's own people (they are so nice, polite and decent)! They are based in TX, USA. I really love and care about them a lot, inspite of the differences between us (we tend to disagree more often than to agree, on almost everything). I personally, feel they may not have been the Best Parents on Earth, but I guess they deserve to be given the benefit of doubt (just as I may not have been the Best Son on Earth, but deserve to be given the 'benefit of doubt' - a term, taken out from 'Cricket' - a game, I like a lot; like a lot of other people in India)! {To find out more about Cricket, read this section -- 'A Layman's guide to 'Cricket' - a popular field game' }! I guess, they have done their utmost to try to be good Parents, but it doesn't always work out that well! After all, No Parents are perfect! Right?! Just as, No Sons are perfect! Right?! So I don't have any qualms or complaints, against them, I guess! So all you would-be-parents out there, remember - Parenting is a tough job, which needs a lot of responsibility, dedication and self-less, sacrifice; besides love and caring!! And Parenting, is not always an rewarding thing! If you feel, you won't be able to acquire these qualities, think twice -- before becoming Parents!! Love you a lot, guys!      Back to Contents

* The clip 'Don'tWorry,BeHappy' is dedicated to my Brother, Janak Atodaria, who is a terrific guy! He's based in TX, USA. The term -- 'When the going gets tough, the tough get going' , aptly fits him! He has the capacity, to withstand the most fiercest of Pressures and Hardships, and come out with flying colors! Hats off, to him! He is very good at playing 'Cricket"! and my Brother is a Superb, technically Sound, Batsman -- I always had a hard time, bowling at him, and it was a real tough job, getting him Out! {To find out more about Cricket, read this section -- 'A Layman's guide to 'Cricket' - a popular field game' }! He served in the U.S. National Guard, so he is a tough guy (he's much taller than me, and much better built than me)! Love you, Brother!!      Back to Contents

* The clip 'AnotherDayInParadise' is dedicated to my Uncle, Alain Rathod and his friend, Frank Norton , who are based in London, UK. AlainUncle, has sent me (and I'm sure will always do so, till the End of Time) Birthday Cards, year after year, and with perfect timing! He hasn't missed a Single year, of my life -- which I think, is an record! This means a lot to me! Thanks a lot, for being such a wonderful Uncle! I wish, that each and every day of your life, brings you infinite Joy & Happiness -- and makes you feel, like being in Paradise! FrankUncle who is a good-hearted Irishman - is a Family Member, of the RATHOD Family, and thereby, also a member, of my Family! He has awesome observation powers -- his keen and alert eyes pick up, even the smallest details, in a jiffy (the kind of guy, you would turn to - when you need the best suggestions for buying clothes, furnishings for your house, etc.)! His all-time, favourite movie, I think is 'Mother India'! [[ 'Mother India' is an Classic, Hindi movie (Hindi is India's National Language), which starred 'Nargis Dutt' - one of India's foremost Actresses, of yesteryears; who gave one of the best performances ever, on the Indian Celluloid Screen. A performance, without any doubt, the best of her life -- as an Mother, who sacrificed everything for the sake of her children; and who faced a lot of hardships, unflinchingly! No wonder, 'Mother India' - is probably, the only Indian Film, to be ever nominated for an 'Oscar Award' (it was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Category)! Ofcourse, 'Satyajit Ray', the most well-known, internationally, amongst all Indian Film Directors -- won an 'Oscar Award' for Lifetime Achievement! ]]. And did I tell you, that my Uncle Alain is a expert cook! His Culinary prowess, would put any expert, to shame! I still remember, the Lamb, he cooked for me! It was the most tastiest Lamb, I have ever eaten in my life! And he is a expert, at French Food & Wine -- A true, 'Gour'met'!! And his dress sense, is impeccable! Could surely, pass of as Royalty!! Thanks, both of you, for being such terrific guys!
     Back to Contents

* The clip 'Always' is dedicated to my cousins, Upma Mahida (who's based in Nairobi, Kenya), Uma Mahida and Deep Mahida (who are based in Coventry, UK). Their mum, my Aunt, Chandramani Mahida, is a terrific Aunt! She is a expert Cook, who can prepare mouth-watering - Gujarati, Punjabi, Non-Vegetarian Food -- she is in fact, a ace at every kind of Food - you just name it, and she makes it, in a flash! She was (and I believe she still is), a very good Singer -- and won several Singing Competitions, at School/College! And did I tell you, she had ravishing looks (in fact, even today she looks as fresh and wonderful) -- I bet, she must have had all the boys in School/College, drooling after her! She is somewhat on the heavier side, now -- but her 'Heart' is even larger than her physical being! The thing she hates the most is, the smell of 'Cigars' - which her husband, my Uncle, Dilipsinh Mahida smokes, at times! My Uncle, is a Lawyer by Profession -- but his real love, is Golf ! He has played a lot of Golf Tournaments, and has won quite a few Cups! My Uncle and Aunt, are perfect hosts -- everytime I have visited them, in Nakuru, KENYA (that is where they are based), I have had the most wonderful of times! The scenes from their Living Room, are breath-taking (Nakuru, is located at an very high Altitude. The 'Rift Valley' of KENYA is world famous -- it is even visible from the Moon, if the skies are clear enough!) -- Green Fields, the far-off Mountains, and Pink Flamingoes flying in large flocks (that is when, it's their Season, ofcourse. KENYA, hosts one of the largest population of Pink Flamingoes, in the world - when Thousands of Flamingoes flock there, during the Migration Season!). KENYA, is also world renowned, for it's WildLife! My Uncle's Father, Prabhatsinh Mahida (Bapuji), is also a terrific man! He is quite old, but is still very young at heart! Everytime, I visit Kenya, and have Lunch with him, he always insists that I eat a lot of fruits -- saying, it is very good for health -- maybe that is, the Secret of his rosy health! Love you, guys!!      Back to Contents

* The clip 'RaidersOfTheLostArk - Movie Theme' is dedicated to my cousins, Seema Rathod, Swati Rathod, Priya Rathod, Reshma Rathod, and my Uncle, Ajitsinh Rathod, and my Aunt, Savita Rathod; who are based in Ontario, CANADA. My Uncle, works as a Chief Chemist in a Cosmetics Manufacturing Plant, in Ontario! Seema, Swati and I, enjoyed playing 'Scrabble' , the last time we spent a few weeks together in KENYA. We had a great time together, inspite of the heated arguments we frequently had, over the interpretation of the rules of 'Scrabble'! Love you, girls!      Back to Contents

* The clip 'PinkPanther - Theme' is dedicated to my cousins, Shivani Rathod and Rajiv Rathod. Shivani, is the youngest member of the RATHOD family -- she's very cute, and really sweet. Rajiv, is very good at Academics! Keep it up! Their father, my Uncle, Gajendra Rathod is a very nice guy! He has a huge belly (my Aunt says, it is because of his fondness for 'BEER' ) , and that is why, my Aunt, Shilu Rathod (who keeps in perfect shape, and who inspite of being a mother of two children, looks as fresh and good-looking, as she was in her younger years; and who can almost pass off, as my Sister, rather than my Aunt), never misses an opportunity to chide him! My Aunt is very good at 'Garba' and 'Dandia-Raas' -- Gujarati (The State that I used to live in India, was 'Gujarat') Folk Dance Forms!      Back to Contents

* The clip 'GoWest' is dedicated to my cousin, Neil Atodaria, who's a ophthalmologist. His father, my Uncle, Jitendra Atodaria, is a Engineer, based in Arizona, USA and works with the Space Engineering Division of 'Honeywell' -- a reputed US Multinational Company; which is involved in the US Space Shuttle Program! My Uncle, is a simple, nice-hearted guy! He was the first member of the ATODARIA Family, to go to the US; and he eventually, called the rest of the Family there! It is because of his efforts and assistance, that now, almost every member of the ATODARIA Family -- is based in USA. I'm sure the whole ATODARIA Family, appreciates deeply, his painstaking efforts and the assistance he has extended to the whole Family! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!! His wife, my Aunt, Anuraddha Atodaria, is also a nice person!      Back to Contents

* The clip 'NewYork,NewYork' is dedicated to my Aunt (my father's elder Sister), Bhartiben Mahida(Foiba) and my Uncle, Natvarsinh Mahida, who are based in NY, USA. And to the rest of the Mahida family; My cousins : (( Chaitanya Mahida (who is a Physician, practising in Oakdale, California, USA); his wife, Poornima and their sweet, adorable daughters, Megha and Roopali )); (( Gautam Mahida (who is a MicroBiologist, based in NY, USA); his wife, Meena and their kids, Vinit and Rahul )); (( Geeta Mangrola (who is a Nutritionist, based in California, USA); her husband, Umangsinh and their kids, Deepali (who got married to Jitesh), Hemal and, Devna )); And, (( Vibhuti Singh (who is based in NY, USA); her husband, Rajiv Singh and their sweet, adorable daughters, Kavita and Vrunda ))!!      Back to Contents

* The clip 'MoonLight' is dedicated to my cousin, Ine Rosland! And the clip 'HelloMyBaby' is dedicated to her adorable daughter, Chandra ! We met a year ago, when she visited India, and have since become the best of friends! She has a way of selecting the best possible E-cards, and sends them to me regularly. She's based in Oslo, Norway - and She is helping Children with inabilities (who have special needs and who need a lot of love & caring), cope with their harsh circumstances! My sister, is doing a fabulous job; and I'm proud of her! The clip ' GreatestLoveOfAll' is specially dedicated to all the underprivileged Children on earth! Let us all hope, that they receive infinite love and caring!!      Back to Contents

* The clip 'BabyElephantWalk' is dedicated to my friend, Mufaddal Shajapurwala and his wife Arwa's kids Mariam & Taher ! Mufaddal says I'm his Guru -- who led him into the exciting field of Computer Hardware Marketing, but I don't think so! He can easily, praise you to the skies, if he wants to get something done from you! He's a Marketing ace, and can sell just about anything! If given the opportunity, he can probably even sell this planet! A staunch follower of Islamic Religion (Vohra Sect), I sometimes have the hotest arguments with him about Religion and some of their Customs! The above clip is also to dedicated to his Sister, Tasneem's adorable son, AbdeAli! Tasneem who is based in Canada, is a woman of exceptional character, just like her mother!      Back to Contents

* The clip 'That'sWhatFriendsAreFor' is dedicated to my dearest, very Special friend, Darshan Patel - who probably has never lied in life (his wife must be really lucky, having such an husband), and will instantly trust anyone. Not a guy, you would want to share your secrets with. A innocent, simpleton -- if there is anybody, who could be called God's guy (I'm an Atheist, so I'm not that keen on using this term -- but I'm using this term from the point of view of believers, which far out-weigh Atheists like me, I'm happy to say), he would be the guy. The only thing that quirks me about him is his over-curiousity; and his running off to places without me, when we had agreed to go there together. Works with an Diamond trading firm, as an 'Diamond Assorter', but his wife complains that he never buys Diamonds for her. His wife, Sushma. And their super-brat kid, Neil, who's probably the naughtiest kid on earth. When he comes to my house, he'll head straight to the Showcase, (which has a Toys collection, my Mum, pain-stakingly preserved), and starts playing with them (or should I say, dismantling them), with a lot of vengence. But when he wants to be nice, he is really loveable!!
     Back to Contents

* The clip 'It'sAKindOfMagic' is dedicated to my dear friend, Gaurav Dalal - who is a down-to-earth, guy. Is a Homeopathy Medicine distributor. A super-sober guy, who has wisely invested sizeably, in Stocks and Shares, of select blue-chip Indian companies. Has a tough time answering Darshan's questions (when Darshan drops by at his office and picks up a book on Homeopathy, and tries to become a Homeopath himself. I told you about Darshan's over-curiosity, before -- didn't I? I guess, if he were ever allowed to have a talk with President Bill Clinton, regarding the Monica-gate scandal, he'll end up harassing Clinton, more than all of the US Journalists combined)! The only one amongst my friends, who is still a blissful Bachelor, like me! A regular mate (the other being Darshan), with whom I played Cricket every Sunday!  Back to Contents

* The clip 'BlazeOfGlory' is dedicated to my dearest, very Special friend, Hitesh Divyeshwar - who is probably, the most simple, down-to-earth guy on this planet. Works with a Pharmaceutical company, as a Marketing Manager, so forces his wife and kids to take medications, at the slightest provocation. His wife, Meera, who sometimes uses her structural advantage (She's somewhat on the heavier side, compared to Hitesh, who is tall and lanky) - to boss him around, and force him to toe her line. And their cute kids, Komal, Nishit!! Nishit, a hardcore TV-Video game fan, is the impish, dominating type; while Komal is the quite, loveable kind!      Back to Contents

* The clip 'StayingAlive' is dedicated to my dearest, very Special friend, Jayesh Bardolia, who has total disregard for my privacy; has the audacity to visit me at the most unholiest of times, after having drained down a whole bottle of Whisky/Rum, and that too for just a unimportant, friendly chat. If it were anyone else, I surely would wrung the person's neck. How does he get away with it? Maybe, 'cause he's the friend that would loan me money, without the blink of a eye-lid (no matter how large the amount). But I do wonder how his wife tolerates him, at times. They have the hottest Marital battles, but in the end always patch-up. Works with a Textile Processing company, as a Printing Master, but his wife says he never buys good Sarees (the 'Saree' is the traditional Indian wear) for her. His lovely wife, Anita! (She's the only woman, who can share her inner-most feelings with me, in the middle of the night; and not offend her hubby in any way. She trusts me, more than her husband, on certain matters and sometimes asks me to devulge her hubby's dark secrets; but I, being the loyal friend, have to guard against it and at times, have to grudgingly support his lies. After all, my loyalties lie first with my friend, then his wife! May the spirits, forgive my weakness!) And their son, Pruthvi!!      Back to Contents

* The clip 'ALittleHelpFromMyFriends' is dedicated to my ICQ friend, Shawn St. Nicholas ('St. Nick') - who likes to build computers & repair electronic circuitry; and his wife, Michelle!      Back to Contents

* The clip 'I JustCalledToSay, I LoveYou' is dedicated to my dearest friend, Céline Poulin! We met each other in the middle of 1998 on ICQ, and have since become the best of friends! She gives the term 'Internet Friendship', a whole new dimension. I have yet, to come across a more polite and caring friend! A gem of an friend, who sends me the best possible e-cards and ICQ URL handles -- that radiate her ever-glowing whole-heartedness, love and caring! Inspite of being a busy mother, she manages to always stay in touch with me -- and thereby, brings me a lot of joy and happiness! And the clips 'Chicken' and 'NutCracker Theme' are dedicated to her kids, Melissa, Roxanne, Brian !      Back to Contents

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